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Healing and Wellness Begins Here

Alternative Medicine for Your Overall Well-Being

Enhance your well-being and address health problems with help from Prof. Vitaliy Fishberg. We provide alternative and natural medicinal solutions which are designed to heal your body and improve your quality of life. We serve people in New York and all around the world (through Skype, Facebook Messenger, FaceTime, etc.) who are looking for alternate ways to cure their ailments.

About Us

“Love yourself enough, so that you have the courage to ask your doctor the tough questions.”

– Dr. Peter Osborn

Professor Vitaliy Fishberg

Family and Roots

Professor Vitaliy was born in Kishinev, the capital city of Moldova, which was a part of the big Soviet Union.

His grandfather was a biologist who worked for the National Academy of Sciences but in the evenings, he helped hundreds of people using orthomolecular medicine and its vitamin megadoses. Meanwhile, his grandmother was a Doctor of Pharmacy who worked almost all her life as the director of the pharmacy department of the largest Kishinev`s Hospital.

His mother, on the other hand, was a famous pediatrician in the city who used both conventional and alternative medicine. She achieved great results that from time to time, she visited houses of the members of the government, top army commanders, and highly influential businessmen to treat their children.


Humble Beginnings

Prof. Vitaliy was first introduced to holistic medicine when he was a very young boy. He suffered from asthma and even the strongest medications were not helpful. An old Russian traditional medicinal man visited his house and taught him a very simple breathing exercise which completely cured Prof. Vitaliy in just a few months!

Following the footsteps of his family members, Prof. Vitaliy decided to pursue medicine early. He attended a college of nursing and finished with flying colors, then went into medical school where he became one of the most favorite students of many clinical professors.

They were surprised that Prof. Vitaliy came to the realization that conventional medical science is in the deep end. Yes, urgent surgeries are provided. We can use antibiotics to treat acute pneumonia and other life-threatening infections, but the battle against the most chronic diseases is totally lost.

Moreover, conventional medical drugs are getting more and more toxic every day! Patients are actually dying not from their sickness but from the treatment’s side effects! For example, chemotherapy for cancer or the modern protocol treatment of rheumatoid arthritis and other autoimmune diseases.

Work Experience

Prof. Vitaliy started his holistic and alternative medicine training when he was in his second year in medical school. In Russia and in the countries of the former Soviet Union, the training should be 6 years, compared to the United States and Canada where it’s only 4 years.

Because of his excellent abilities, he was able to study conventional medicine and different holistic and alternative medicine modalities such as classical homeopathy, herbal medicine, and detoxification all at the same time.

Soon, he became so well-versed and talented that he started to regularly write natural medicine articles and even became a featured columnist for various newspapers! When he was in his fourth year in medical school, he already had many private clients whom he treated using only holistic and natural medicine.

During the same year, the famous Kishinev`s Publishing House invited him to become the editor-in-chief of “Your Natural Doctor”, a famous newspaper. This newspaper became a great success and had subscribers not only in Moldova but in many of the republics of the former
Soviet Union.

Being editor-in-chief of the newspaper gave Prof. Vitaliy the opportunity to advocate and widely advertise the benefits of natural medicine to thousands of people. He was also able to meet many holistic doctors, well-known naturopaths, and Russian traditional natural healers (Russian medicinal men and women).

When they saw his burning desire to learn and to help sick people, they opened their hearts and shared with him their big secrets, including the most effective protocols. They taught him deep spiritual laws that control our health and sickness.

Prof. Vitaliy thinks that in time, with the Lord’s help, he hopes to share what he has learned. He wishes to impart the testimonies of some of the most amazing healing miracles of so-called “incurable diseases” which he saw with his own eyes.

These things are related to traditional Russian medicine and are mostly unknown outside of the republics of the former Soviet Union because Russian traditional medicinal men and women will not easily share their deep secrets with foreigners. Some of the most powerful healers and medical professionals actually hide from popularity.


A New Step in His Career

When Prof. Vitaliy brought his family with him to live in the United States, he decided to continue his holistic training. He graduated from a naturopathic school in 1999 and received his Ph.D. in clinical nutrition and alternative medicine in 2003.

Very soon after, he brought the best methods and modalities of the American holistic, natural, and functional medicine to the Russian speaking people of New York City. He also organized a couple of natural health and alternative medicine programs in a few private colleges in the city and became their program director and senior professor.

Apart from being a natural and holistic doctor, professor, and natural health newspaper columnist, Dr. Vitaliy often appears on different radio stations and TV channels. He also lectures and lead conferences and workshops all around the country and internationally. He consults patients in his offices in New York and through Skype.

Personal Life

He met his better half, Olesya, 6 years ago. Since then, they have been happily married. Olesya helps her husband with his practice. They are also on a spiritual path together. They serve the Lord and community as pastor and assistant pastor of the Power and Wisdom of God Church in Brooklyn, New York.

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